Individual Registration MXN PRICES - Toys for Tots

Torneo benéfico de Golf


1. Please fill in your name and email address and pay the Individual fee of $2,200 MXN ($110 USD).

2. This is the “Individual” Registration Form. You will not be able to click the “payment” box at the

bottom and proceed until your name, email address and the Team Name is listed. We need the

Team Name in order to connect you with other members of your foursome who are also registering as


3. If you do not have a foursome and wish to be placed on a team of other single golfers, please fill in

“SINGLE” in the Team Name box.

3. The deadline to qualify for the “Early Bird” discounted Fee of $2,200 ($110) is November 15.

Starting on November 16 the Individual Registration fee will be $3,000 ($150 USD).